New Newgrounds Policy

2013-11-13 11:14:38 by Sekhem

If you talk about racism factually, you get banned!

Anything other than racial colorblindness (aka ignorance) is bad on the Newgrounds BBS.

absolutely shameful

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New Newgrounds Policy


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2013-11-13 11:58:35

Jeez, an athiest church? You got to watch out for those zealous atheist twats


2013-11-13 12:19:29

Ask for a repeal or wait it out.
Personally, i didn't see anything wrong with this segment even though i couldnt find the thread, but you know some of the mods tend to run the course on personal choice over popular perspective which can be a good thing in the case of preemptive prevention but also a tad annoying in overzealous censorship;
Then again nothing in system moderation has ever been perfect, i mean THIS IS THE INTERNET were talking about so everythings fair game...vaguely speaking.


2013-11-13 13:21:46

Good, now you can refrain from boring politics and actually be productive in making more songs.

Sekhem responds:



2013-11-13 17:01:49

@VidGameDude - did you read the ban message? Nah, 'course you didn't, who the fuck bothers to read anything. Clearly the guy whining in a newspost who links everything back to racism is in the right.

Sekhem responds:

i think it's cool how no one bothered to dispute any facts that i presented

everyone instead just proceeds to be upset at the very mention of racism

makes you think


2013-11-13 21:56:41

@Turk -Forgive me, i misread the "Reason for ban"
I thought he was the one who had typed that message, not the moderator.
I apologize; I guess we both jumped the gun on that one, Whoopsie :D


2013-11-13 22:05:08

seems like the mod didn't read the whole topic.

Sekhem responds:

that tends to the be case

then again, when have they ever cared about fair bans for me

i only get 2 week or month long bans for things that other users wouldn't even get banned for

look at all the white racists running loose in general, for example


2013-11-14 07:58:07

Thread where racism is a factor:

Thread where racism isn't a factor, but you decide to plow it in anyway.

Your post/ban history consists of you attempting to rattle people's cages by linking everything back to racism.

You've got 30 days to pretend to yourself that you're the victim. But asking a repeal is a wasted effort.

P.S. you're white, so don't try claiming we're racist for banning you.

Sekhem responds:

did i ask for a repeal? nope

p.s. color of skin doesn't determine race


2013-11-14 08:25:15

Didn't partake in the topic. No comment.

Are you keeping count of your bans btw?

Sekhem responds:

nope, but i'm pretty sure i've been banned at least for at least one third of 2013


2013-11-14 11:01:54

"racism" and "factually" in the same sentence.

Racism is perceived by the individual, therefore it cannot be factual.

Go home lil' Wayne, your drunk.

Sekhem responds:

nigga, everything is perceived by the individual - that don't make the shit not factual

you're an idiot and banned for being a racist on my page


2013-11-15 14:36:35

jesus christ who banned you this time mang?

Sekhem responds: