What was your first Gucci Mane song?

2013-05-14 11:27:10 by Sekhem


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Trap House III (coming May 21st) will be Gucci Mane's last trap project and the genre is officially being retired.

What were your favorite moments of the trap scene?

What will come next?

Side project with Marilyn Manson? (Shhhh...)

What was your first Gucci Mane song?


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2013-05-14 23:04:28

i think the first i heard was freaky gurl

Sekhem responds:

good track


2013-05-15 04:48:31

Nice. First I heard of him was probably his verse on Yelawolf's 'I just wanna party', just a year or two back. Oh, Manson! That'd be something.

Sekhem responds:

should be coming late this year