I // D O N ' T // E V E N // T H I N K // B E F O R E // I // M A K E // A // M O V E

2013-04-26 15:40:24 by Sekhem

You really think I'm talking to the Devil for the fame?

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2013-04-27 05:14:50


Sekhem responds:



2013-04-28 17:47:41

Hah, HAH, HAH!

Sekhem responds:



2013-04-28 21:26:59

vwry nice post

you have recognized a fault in yourself and are appauled by it

this is a sign you are a strong being

Sekhem responds:

thanks, man


2013-04-29 01:36:15

did you ever send those ath-m50s mr famous producer guy

Sekhem responds:

nope lol


2013-04-29 23:10:19

do u dance on graves

Sekhem responds:

i let them dance with the devil

dig their own grave and i gave them the shovel


2013-05-03 01:59:41

ok first i didnt get it but now i get it...dude is talkin bout being in the illuminati now (that illuminati shit is real yo)

Sekhem responds:

there isn't any illuminati

they just think future is a part of the illuminati because he's rocking a lot of gold and foreign whips

he's highlighting the ignorance and over-importance placed on materialism by others

future is a brilliant rapper


2013-05-03 03:04:01

not future....young scooter is talkin bout being in it(and i agree future is a brilliant rapper thou)

Sekhem responds:

scooter is black migo fbg/1017

those are not illuminati groups