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T A L K I N '// D E L O R E A N S// T H E Y// J U S T// S T E A L I N'// M Y// S T Y L E

1/10/13 by Sekhem

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T A L K I N '// D E L O R E A N S// T H E Y// J U S T// S T E A L I N'// M Y// S T Y L E


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friendship ends here . . . we're enemies from now on

1/23/13 Sekhem responds:

you're scary spice and i'm eddie murphy

you didn't answer my question fucker... which is your favourite spice girl? scary, baby, ginger, posh or sporty

1/23/13 Sekhem responds:

i don't like any of them, okay

who is your favourite spice girl? =^___^=

1/22/13 Sekhem responds:

british trash

i like classy female pop groups like nylon pink



whats your favourite album/mixtape by him them

1/20/13 (Updated 1/20/13) Sekhem responds:

probably hologram panda w/dame grease

his beats work really well for riff raff

he's kinda like the white max b

i like his early works where he rips off oj da juiceman the most though (ice thunder and such)

that's how i discovered him



did you ever listen to birth of an icon by riff raff

1/20/13 Sekhem responds:

i've listened to just about everything by riff raff




1/18/13 Sekhem responds:

i'm not sure what that means



i rpe u?

1/18/13 Sekhem responds:

what's rpe

*rolls eyes* i can tell you don't know a lot about tabletop gaming . . .

1/11/13 Sekhem responds:

you would be correct!

first again! word of the day: "whether they're playing omnipotent wizards or paraplegic fighters they're still undercutting everyone else's fun while simultaneously hogging the spotlight, and isn't that what tabletop gaming is really about?"

1/11/13 Sekhem responds:

i don't think that's a word! more like a sentence, ha!